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Small company – doing Big things…

  In the beginning there was the WORD… and about two thousand years later… Words have BECOME the basis for the emergence and success of Big Art Productions and it’s line of Poetry in Motion Products. These products range from a line of stylish t-shirts, to posters, bumper stickers, bookmarks, air fresheners and the publication of several books, as well as exposure through music and film which are helping to spread the Big Art brand not only nationally, but worldwide. With their poignant and timely messages, delivered in its unique and original style, Poetry in Motion Products are on the verge of becoming very large… Big Art Productions with the support of family and friends has positioned itself to produce a product line with an enormous upside… by producing and promoting entrepreneurial skills and training with product content extolling positive and productive morals and ethics… not teaching or preaching but by being a… P-O-E-T (Putting Out Essential Truths), and putting Poetry in Motion, in hopes of making this a better world for everyone… because Big Art is everywhere… in the trees, the sky, from the mountains to the sea… just look around you… U can’t miss it. So, SEE IT, FEEL IT, BE IT, BE A PART OF THE ART!

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