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…Sagg’n, bagg’n
Dragg’n on the ground
Add a rubber nose, some floppy shoes
& you look like a clown.
What’s on your mind –
Always showing your behind…
They say the trend started in the pen
& you know what they do in the joint
…If you get my point.
Do you even know
why you wear ’em so low?
Is it comfortable
With your belt around your knees?
…Brother please.
It can’t be fun try’n to run
With one hand hold’n ’em up –
Try’n to be cool –
while look’n like a chump.
I’m not one to talk…
But it even looks hard to
That’s why
I wanna know…
Why you sagg’n so low?
Is it a sign of your self esteem &
fragile ego?
If so – don’t u think it’s time
to stop being a slave To fashion
& display some independent action
& shake the shackle like belts
Dragg’n round your ankles
& put some pride
Back in your stride
By covering your backside &
Taking a more positive stance
…by pulling up your pants,
That’s what I wanna know?

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