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…Early Sunday Morning
There’s a sweetness in the air.
It’s coming from the kitchen Momma must be there.
She’s warming up the oven
With her special brand of skillful loving –
The Kind that fills my heart & mind
With memories I’ll always keep.
Because Momma’s got a secret recipe
For love & happiness – Momma’s got a soulful aura
Momma’s real deep!
She raised me – She praised me
She spanked me when I did wrong.
She schooled me – She ruled me
She brought me along –
She cared -She shared
She gave all that she had…
and from these lessons
that she taught me
I didn’t turn out half bad.
She sparkles like a diamond
Her heart is as pure as gold –
Momma’s got a special essence
Momma’s Got Soul!
So as Sunday mornings slip away
And the evenings pass us by
I’ll cherish Momma’s memory
Each & every day – Until the day I die.
And each night before I go to bed
I’ll take the time to bow my head
To pray – To say To the Lord above –
Thank you for my Momma
And her sweet Momma’s love.
She uses her soul to feed me
She’s Mother-wit smart.
She gave me my life to live
Along with a piece of her heart.
Her aura surrounds me
It’s like she’s always there –
Like that sweet smell on Sunday mornings
Floating in the air.
So as you grow & mature – And get a little older
Always know that Momma’s there
Watching over your shoulder.
So thank your Momma for Sunday mornings
And that sweetness in the air
Take the time to say you love her
Let her know you really care.
Because Momma got that special presence
That earthly essence –
That magical aura that shines like gold.
Momma’s got it going on –


Momma’s Got Soul Poster

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